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DopaNuke #006 – pres. by Gomo Paradise

Dj/producer Gomo Paradise at the age of 13 years showed interest in more than one genre of music. At the age of 16 years he began collecting deep house records from Chilli-Soul record shop down town, West Street, Durban. He frequently followed the producers of the most hip and happening tunes on the house scene at the time. His love for house music spurred him to teach himself how to dj. Establishing himself in his home town, Port Shepstone, south of South Africa’s playground city, Durban, he played at parties and popular spots in and around town. 2008 proved to be an influential year for Gomo. Moving to Johannesburg for his studies, this is where he met other deep house enthusiasts and followers. On his first year of varsity he joined the Dj Society and soon started getting frequent slots at student villages where students met on Friday afternoons for “deep house chill sessions”. Later on that year his recognition saw him play at popular resident events at varsity and favored night clubs in Johannesburg. Gomo Paradise moved back to Durban in 2010 to complete his studies. Adaptation proved to be challenging. Nevertheless; he resumed his gigging at several clubs in Durban, namely, Delasol and Zig Zag. It was during a gig in the Eastern Cape Province where he realized he had reached his pinnacle on the art of djing. Also realizing that there were greater avenues to explore within his passion for music, he felt it was time to move on to another level. Here; he began making his own sounds using basic accessible softwares. His first project (unreleased) was a deep house remix of the South African smash single “Happy Song” by Dj Fisherman featuring Big Nuz. This is where he began sharing his music with the rest of the world and the reception was great! The result of this saw Gomo share more of his own music to fulfill the requests from followers under his label Paramo Records. His style, broadly influenced by 90’s house music is an experience of electric- soul and cheeky bassline’s with perky synths and a little feel of the 80’s. This has resulted in an increase of followers for Gomo. “The sky is the limit!” says Gomo Paradise. With versatility being ever so vital in the music scene, he has definitely stepped up to the occasion! 2 of his own productions featured in his mix for DopaNuke are set for release sometime this year!

Direct Download

001. Wih’lo – It’s True
002. Lucky Charmz – Faceless Goat
003. Gomo Paradise – We All Say (Original Mix)
004. Liem & Eddie Ness – Whsou
005. Gomo Paradise – Strange Call (Original Mix)
006. Frank Latanika – Kill Me (Lionel Indies Remix)
007. Mike D’ Jais – Mojito Breeze (Original Mix)
008. Liem & Eddie Ness – Metronic Disco Fever
009. Johan Kaseta – Lei Tindissima (Original Mix)
010. Eddie Ness & Liem – M-Trax
011. Johan Kaseta – Erefora Steps

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