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Full name Thokozani Vincent Soko, born 14 May 1995 in a small township called eMbalenhle near the town of Secunda in Mpumalanga. He grew up listening to all types of music mainly Kwaito and RnB, not much House Music.

He got introduced to House Music in the late 2000’s but never paid any attention to it. He fell in love with House Music in 2008/9 and that’s when he also fell in love with DJ’ing. He was always intrigued by the art of music production and wanted DJs to play music produced by him, he then started producing music around 2011. It started off as a hobby but became more of a learning curve and a passion. Self-taught how to make music, he learned new things every day and many questions arose, but eventually he managed to learn all the fundamentals of making music. So far, his music hasn’t had any air play on radio but that doesn’t stop him from continuing with what he loves. He has support from many people, on social media and in surrounding areas.

Essentrikality will continue striving for success until he gets where he wants to be and will continue trying to be different from other House Music producers as that’s what sets you apart in today’s time. It is also what major labels and recording companies look for when they are searching for new undiscovered talent.

001. Jager feat. Amy Capilari – Butterfly (Soul Button Edit)
002. Bedouin – Straight To The Heart
003. Lost Desert, Mike Tohr – Innercity Playground
004. Howling – Phases (Toto Chiavetta Colour Zero Mix)
005. Essentrikality – Temperamental
006. Oliver Koletzki – Through The Darkness (Township Rebellion Remix)
007. Essentrikality – Slouching Syber
008. Essentrikality – Crevisces
009. Weekend Heroes – D-Compression (Ran Salman Remix)

Cellphone: 076 223 6530
065 975 6778
067 014 8000

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