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DOPANUKE The Launch – pres. by Glenn Hobbs

In this big world of House Music, Glenn Hobbs is no stranger to the scenery amongst other brilliant producers. At a young age of 15, his love for collecting records has grown into a progressive stage of DJ’ing and production,respectively. In 2013 Glenn joined in the sport of podcasting as a means to obtain nation wide recognition as a respected young growing spinner; but most importantly, as the famous saying goes, it was for the love of good music. The name of the podcast was ‘Swab The Decks’, where later on he acquainted with fellow spinners who share the same motives and intentions; they currently operate under a brand known as ‘Helmet Cracker Movement’. Helmet Cracker Movement consists of four founding fathers namely, Carter, Glenn Hobbs, Mojaki and Simmy.

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001. Black-crowned Night Heron – Night Heron Project One

002. GHTSG – Curated Rhythms (Main Mix)

003. GHTSG – Minimalist Technicalities (Original Mix)

004. Nachtbraker – You Is What You Aint

005. Harver Sutherland – Q3 (12″ Mix)

006. Zoo Look – Space & Time

007. Casino Times – Heart Strings

008. GHTSG – The Breakdown (Original Mix)

009. Ponty Mython – Sunshine (Original Mix)

010. Frank & Tony – Nine Cities

011. Shigeto -Children At Midnight

012. Shigeto – Please Stay

013. Lapalux – Quartz


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