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DopaNuke #037

Hi everyone…We would like to dedicate this release to Soulful Beats a.k.a Mr L Mogapi who’s father passed on this past weekend. Our thoughts and prayers are with you bro.

”Whatsoever soothes your spirit…..Comforts your soul and brings you peace…That is what is wished for you at this difficult time. ”


Chillout mix recorded live.
001. Ryan Davis – Dimmed
002. Luttrell – Outro
003. 16BL – Cipher
004. Typesun – Last Home (DJ Nature Remix)
005. Lycoriscoris – Belong (Mixed)
006. Lycoriscoris – Blue (Grandbrothers Remix)
007. Baile; Kauf – Painting Out
008. Aera – Flowers Under Water
009. Shinichi Atobe – So Good, So Right 2
010. Hosini – Capella
011. Nuage – Till U Grow
012. Catz ‘n Dogz; Rosalie. – Mind feat. Rosalie.
013. Elif – Random Act Of Kindness
014. M.O.S.; Bona Fide – Bengali
015. Planète – Faded Memory

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001. Allovers, Secret Atelier – Prove Me Wrong (Original Mix)
002. Elle, Universal Tongues, Josh Milan – Open Up Your Mind (Honeycomb Vocal Mix)
003. Kelly G. – Keep Wondering! (Kelly G. Shelter Mix)
004. The Lounge Lizards feat. Mike City – She’s The One (Original Vocal)
005. Brian Nance, Bes, Kafele – Just Be (Doug Gomez Soul Remix)
006. Museeq IQ feat. George Lesley – No Words
007. Artwork feat. Unqle Chriz – You Give Me Love
008. Chromaticsoul, Komplexity – Real Love (Deepconsoul Crossover)
009. UPZ feat. Jabzz Dimitri, Kevin Maduna – These Words
010. House Victimz – surrender

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JBL Ancient

Jbl Ancient is a music lover from an early age in 2014 he fell in love with house music deep house in particular he currently runs his own podcast on the Internet called Ancient Deep Signals established in 2017 together with a Pretoria based spinner called the TheSpookyMan, the show releases two shows in an episode; the Main mix & Guest mix. Jbl Ancient apart from playing house he also spins Hip Hop & RnB where according to him those two genres introduced him to music & influenced his love for music.

001. Hraach – Dle Yaman (Original Mix)
002. Richard Earnshaw – Cry me a river (Leftside Wobble Unreleased Dub)
003. Jago Alejandro Pascua – Xylophone (Original Mix)
004. Riccado Lippi – Let your love surround me (Original Mix)
005. Mikhail Ovez – Remember summer love (Original Mix)
006. Sonnenburg – Charmante (Original Mix)
007. Alidiana Silverkin – Tropical Sunset (Original Mix)
008. Alonso Di Uomo – Drinking Caipirinha (Original Mix)
009. Milton Gray – What we have done (Original Mix)
010. LTJ Xprerience, Anduze – Bad side (Original Mix)
011. Luvless – Castle in the sky (Original Mix)
012. Estelle, Kanye West – American boy (Stockholm Syndrome Club Mix)
013. Ely Bruna, Neja – American Boy
014. Blank Jones, Emma Brammer – Our love
015. Joachim Pastor – Millenium (Original Mix)
016. Ivan Garci – Sunset Melodies (Original Mix)

084 249 1785 (WhatsApp)
jblancient@gmail.com (Gmail)

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